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Our Cheese

Saxon Creamery - Asiago Fresca Asiago Fresca™
Asiago Fresca shares a mild, pleasing taste. It is a young cheese with delicate, smooth open texture, presenting a fresh, creamy milk flavor with a slight citrusy tang.

With a creamy, smooth texture, Asiago Fresca is a perfect melting cheese. Place chunks on pizza, stir into pasta dishes, or serve it as an appetizer - its versatility enhances a wide variety of dishes.

We enjoy Asiago Fresca with Cabernet Sauvignon - the wine's black fruit, oak and herb tones complement the cheese well. Also try with Shiraz - its plum and peppery tones play well against Asiago's creamy texture.

Behind the scenes, Asiago Fresca is handcrafted in the vat, gently pressed, and placed in brine tanks. Over 4-6 weeks, the cheese wheels are rotated through three different aging cellars to develop its special flavors.

Asiago Fresca Recipes
Saxon Creamery - Asiago Fresca with Rosemary Asiago Fresca™ with Rosemary
Asiago Fresca with Rosemary is an award winner. (3rd place at the 2014 World Champion Cheese Contest)

We combined the fresh flavors of our Asiago Fresca with the aromatic whole Rosemary for a hearty, full-bodied combination.

It's great shredded on pizzas or grilled over vegetables. It is also a great combination with potatoes. This cheese pairs well with Chilean or French Cabernet Sauvignon.
Saxon Creamery - Big Ed's Gouda Big Ed's Gouda Style™
Our signature cheese, Big Ed's, is the cheese that hugs you back! Its creamy, smooth texture and sweet, rich milk flavors make it the perfect table cheese.

These flavors are enhanced when generous slices of Big Ed's are tucked between bread and grilled, or blended in warm dishes.

The 90-day aging process takes wheels of Big Ed's through three aging cellars, controlled for temperature and humidity, where the unique flavor characteristics emerge.

Big Ed's Gouda Recipes
Saxon Creamery - Big Ed's Gouda with Serrano Peppers Big Ed's Gouda with Serrano Peppers
Saxon Creamery Big Ed's Gouda with Serrano Peppers is a rich, young, buttery Gouda Style Cheese that is warming things up around here. Bursting with bits of Serrano Peppers, which delivers a nice warmth to your mouth, that will have you coming back for more. This semi-soft cheese is great on sandwiches and bold enough to stand alone on that cheese platter.

The rich milk flavors speak of the lush green pastures where the cows are grazed, the season in which it was made, the particular craftsmanship of the cheesemaker, the time the cheese spends in the aging rooms... Every batch of cheese will have a story to tell. We hope you enjoy.

Buy Big Ed's Gouda with Serrano Peppers
Saxon Creamery - Big Ed's Italian Formmagio Big Ed's Italian Formmagio
Each wheel of Saxon Creamery Italian Formmagio is bursting with Italian flavors from a variety of herbs and spices nesting in a young buttery Gouda Style Cheese. With just a hint of garlic, it lends one to reminisce of fine Tuscany cuisine.

The rich milk flavors speak of the lush green pastures where the cows are grazed, the season in which it was made, the particular craftsmanship of the cheesemaker, the time the cheese spends in the aging rooms... Every batch of cheese will have a story to tell. We hope you enjoy.
Saxon Creamery - Garlic & Pimento Gouda Garlic & Pimento Gouda Style
We take our buttery Gouda recipe and add just the right amount of garlic to lend a mellow flavor and we add sweet Pimento Peppers to make the cheese delightful. This makes a wonderful, flavorful table cheese. This cheese pairs well with Spanish Tempranillo or Chianti Classico.
Saxon Creamery - Pastures Pastures™
This is a semi-firm, Old English style, aged bandage-wrapped cheddar. You'll find a clean crispness and a lingering fruit background.

The sweet, creamy texture is like no other Cheddar. This cheese develops it's flavors as early as 6 months, but the flavor really pop at 10 months.

With its semi-firm texture and body, Pastures is a great table cheese and holds its flavor profile when grilled in sandwiches or used in warm dishes.

Serve this wonderful cheese with nuts, sliced salami, ham, dried fruit or slice in grilled cheese sandwiches. Pastures pairs very well with crisp, white wines, low-tannin reds, India pale ale, and bubbly ciders.

Pastures Recipes
Saxon Creamery - Saxony Saxony Alpine Style™
This is a rich, full-body aged cheese with a creamy texture. It has sweet and nutty flavors reminiscent of Alpine Cheeses. Lingering Swiss notes make this a true Wisconsin original.

Saxony is the perfect partner to soups, crackers and hearty breads. Saxony's flavors play well with a range of foods - pair it with hot peppers, toast it on bread, and toss it in pasta salads.

Its versatility lends itself to a mild red like Beaujolais cru, or a crisp, dry white like Sancerre. Saxony also plays well with beer with rich, malty lagers.

Saxony Recipes
Saxon Creamery - Snowfields Snowfields™
During late fall and early winter, the Saxon herd produces a unique milk, high in protein and cream.

This cheese has rich, creamy texture with flavors of sweet milk and Parmesan notes. Sometimes you may even get a little crunch from the lactic acid crystals that form during the aging process.

Enjoy Snowfields with crusty, hearty breads and soup. It's also great served with aged lager beers and dry wines.

With this limited-availability milk, we handcraft Snowfields, aging it six months. The cheese wheels rotate through three aging rooms, from winter through late summer, to develop its unique flavor characteristics.
Saxon Creamery - Big Ed's Gouda Cheese Spread Big Ed's Gouda Cold Pack Cheese Spread
Saxon Creamery's first handcrafted cheese was Big Ed's Gouda. This buttery, creamy cheese has become a favorite for all ages. We have taken Big Ed's Gouda and combined it with quality ingredients to provide you with the ultimate in a gourmet cheese spread. Introducing Big Ed's Gouda Spread. Enjoy this with vegatables, a fine cracker, or as an addition to your grilled sandwiches.
Saxon Creamery - Asiago Fresca Cheese Spread Saxon Creamery Asiago Fresca Cold Pack Cheese Spread
One of most important ingredients is our quality milk. We get our milk fresh daily. We use every bit of the cream that the cows give us. You are sure to taste the quality in our creamy cheeses. We took our Asiago Fresca and made a rich creamy spread. A welcome addition to any sandwich or baked potato.
Saxon Creamery - Pastures Aged Cheddar Cheese Spread Saxon Creamery Pastures Aged Cheddar Cold Pack Cheese Spread
This is not like any other cheddar spread you have had. Pastures Aged Cheddar Spread is a combination of slightly sweet and savory. Its made with our bandaged wrapped English Cheddar cheese combined with quality ingredients to provide you with a cheese spread that goes on everything!
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