Saxon Story

Saxon Creamery has been making cheese the old-fashioned way for generations.

Handcrafting Saxon Cheeses

Milk arrives at the creamery fresh from the farm. Each wheel is crafted by hand to ensure the correct flavor profile and texture. Once formed into wheels, the cheese rests and ages in our caves. While there, it is tended to by our in-house affineur until it reaches its peak flavor. Only then will we release it for sale.

wisconsin cows in a pasture

The Saxon Homestead Farm

Our partner, Saxon Homestead Farm, passionately values the land and cows. That means Saxon uses a special grazing system to maximize the space on which the cows graze, offering two to six acres of fresh grass paddocks for the herd. Each pasture contains up to 35 plant species, including cool and warm seasonal grasses, fescues, clovers, alfalfa, and trefoil, all of which contribute to the unmistakable flavors that have gained Saxon cheeses recognition both nationally and globally.